Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Naughty Books

I had a nice long weekend and got the proofs reviewed for His Client. So that's done. The book will officially be out in less than a month. Still seems forever away, especially since it releases in 2011, but according to the calendar, 'forever away' is really only 4 weeks.

It also snowed over the weekend and got freakin' cold on Monday. As a result, it took me over a half hour to drive 4 miles to the EDJ on Tuesday since the roads were seriously a sheet of ice. My car has this little 'Slip' light on the dashboard that goes off whenever the tires lose traction with the road. That light went off so many times I'm amazed the darn thing didn't blow itself out. sigh. Midwest winters. The snow was pretty to look at Sunday morning, but I don't think it's very pretty anymore.

Last Friday I mentioned that Smexy Claus would be visiting at Smexy Books and giving away naughty goodies for 12 days. Well, today he's got some of my naughty boys in his bag. He's giving away a choice of one of my released books. Simply answer Mandi's question about Ken dolls (a subject near and dear to my heart *g*) to enter to win. Contest is open through December 17th.

In other news, if you're in the mood for some naughty Christmas elves, check out Shawn Lane's latest release, The Naughty Ones.


  1. I can't wait to read His Client! I just finished reading Shawn's Christmas book, The Naughty Ones and I loved it, too!
    Have a great week, Ava:) Thanks for the eye candy:)

  2. Man am I dreading the snow. I feel for you. We got a little sprinkle the other day but that was it. It's coming, though, it's just a matter of time...sigh.

    I'm heading on over to Mandi's...

  3. I'm so so so glad that I was able to work from home Monday and Tuesday this week. The streets are STILL a disaster here.

  4. Tiny shorts, big...

    We finally saw sun today! The snow's been falling from time to time the last few days, but nothing like some other parts of the country. Boy drives home tomorrow and there may be some slippery roads in his travels, so I'll be biting my nails!

  5. I have a feeling we're in for an intense winter. Ugh!

  6. Thanks, and you're welcome, Andi ;)

    Hey Barbara - this was our first real snow of the season. We only got a few inches, but it rained before it snowed and then the temps dropped to single digits and everything froze to the point where road salt wouldn't work. Ugh. It was horrible. :(

  7. You are so lucky, Chris, that you got to work from home! In a way, I was glad I already had a vacation day Monday, but then the weather threw a wrench in the xmas shopping plans.

    LOL, Wren! I really am amazed the cookie can fit into those shorts. I hope the weather cooperates and Boy gets home safely.

    Bite your tongue, Steph! You're going to jinx us. If we have a horrid winter, I'm now officially blaming you. LOL

  8. I know, it was in the high 50s, low 60s here! So cold! LMAO.

    Yes, my elves aren't the only naughty ones.

    And damn that dude has a big one, LOL.

  9. Yum, yum, yum! Thanks for the cookie!

    And I am totally in love with Shawn's "The Naughty Ones"...*sigh* Gabriel & Christian are adorable...well, Christian is adorable, Gabriel is hot! :)

  10. You're evil, Shawn! No fair taunting me with warm weather! LOL

    Hey Em - I adored Christian, too. He was so darn cute :) Fab book.

  11. Can't wait for His Client, 4 weeks is pretty long.

    I bought The Naughty Ones today. naughty Christmas elves are hard to resist.

    So is that barely fitting cookie... hard to resist. If I'm not mistaken Maarten is Dutch (and the photographer too). I wouldn't mind running into him. We have about 15 million citizens in our country so I'd say my chances are good, no? ;D

  12. Those sound like pretty good odds, Janna! Much better than I would have if he lived in the US. If I ever was lucky enough to spot him on the street, I'd have a really hard time keeping my eyes above his belt. Lol