Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updates, Yummy Cookie & Who didn't come home to The Princes

Hope everyone's been having a good week. It all day here today. Total blah weather. But I got a release date for Bound Forever, so that cheered me up. The book will be available on March 8, 2011. *g*

In other news, Stephani Hecht will be by the blog on 12/7 for a Story Behind the Story post on Mad Blood - book 2 in The Drone Vampire Chronicles. Steph's funny and sweet and a very talented author, so stop on by on the 7th to check out the behind the scenes scoop on Mad Blood.

Also, huge congrats goes out to Andi Anderson on the release of The Sweet One! The book's been getting fabulous reviews, so congrats again to Andi, as I know the book holds a special place in her heart.

Last weekend, I took the kidlet to Toys R Us and of course, I checked out the Barbie aisle. The fashionista Ken dolls were a bit scary, but nothing compared to the Bieber doll. The pic doesn't do justice to the oddness of the doll version of the Biebs. He looked strangely muscular for a teenager, like they used a GI Joe body for him....a GI Joe body with pecs so large they appeared rather boobish. And he had hips. Very very strange. Oh, and the way his right hand was molded to hold a microphone....that's just not right. I left him on the shelf. No way was he coming home to hang out with The Princes.


  1. LOLOLOL...a bieber doll with boobage and hips...the children will be scarred for life!! Good decision not bringing him home to the princes...he would just confuse them ;)

  2. Thank heavens you posted that second cookie. It healed my eyes after I looked at the beiber doll!

  3. Yay! for the release date.

    Eek! on the bieber doll.

    And thanks for the super sexy cookies, YUM!

  4. Oh, my lord. just. Ack. Run! lol.

    Fabulous news about the release date for Bound Forever.

  5. Holding a microphone. RIIIIIGHT. We read m/m - we know what he'd actually be holding with his hand like that.

    Thanks for the cookie brain bleach!

  6. Congrats on the getting a date. Err a release date. know what I mean. :)

    I love the Bieber doll!! His right hand is perfect!!! LOLOLOL

  7. Mandi - he'd confuse and scare The Princes. He scared me at least. ;)

    Wren - that last cookie was a bit strategic. Couldn't end the post with the odd Biebs doll. It's just so wrong on so many levels. LOL

    Eek is right, Lily! And thanks for the congrats!

    Thanks, Shawn!

  8. Chris - So glad I'm not the only one with my mind in the gutter. LOL. His hand is in the perfect position to....ewww, don't want to think about the Biebs doll doing that. LOL

    Thanks, FV! I was happy to get a date, too ;) It amazes me that toy manufacturers can design such dolls and no one at the company his hand shouldn't be posed like that. It's was like the first thought that hit me when I saw him. How come it didn't occur to anyone at the doll company? LOL.

  9. Obviously toy manufacturers need to add an m/m author step to their design process.

  10. Congrats on the release date!

    I think you should have brought the Bieber doll. I think your prince would have appreciated his microphone holding skills.

  11. ...or a m/m reader step, Chris. I'm not the only one in the shallow end of the pond. ;)

    Hey Eyre - *he-he* And based on the Biebs doll's grip, looks like he has some mad skillz.

  12. Scribbling the release date on my calendar, right next to my International Women's Day activity. How appropriate to buy a m/m novel on that day. ;)

    *g* imagine being Justin Bieber and seeing that doll (or reading Chris's comment about your hand). O_o

  13. Very appropriate, Janna ;)

    I do feel kinda bad for Justin Bieber - who wants an odd doll of themself whose hand is permanently molded into that position? LOL. Though the doll would fit quite well in the pics of Barbie and Ken dolls 'playing' that Eyre found a few weeks ago :)

  14. Thanks for mentioning The Sweet One, Ava. I hope you'll like it when you read it.
    It looks like the Bieber doll can hold more than his mic in his hand! He's not good enough to be with the Princes!
    Congratulations on your upcoming release. I can't wait until this weekend!
    Now I'm ready for March! I can't wait to read the next Bound book! YAY!

  15. You are crazy - I am convinced...



  16. Thanks, Andi!! I was afraid the Biebs would scare the Princes (he kinda scared me), so yeah, he totally stayed on the shelf.

    ....maybe just a little bit, EH. LOL