Monday, August 23, 2010

Another One Done

I buckled down this weekend and did it. I finished Bound Forever!! The book is officially in my editor's hands (or rather, in her inbox).

It’s my 7th Ava book and my 9th book overall. Seems kind of odd to think I’ve written so many books, especially since I've been a published author for not quite 2 years. Well, at least 9 seems like a lot to me (it's like nothing compared to some people I Shawn Lane *g*). And the scary thing is I have more than 9 books on the ever-growing to-write list.

I’m very happy the book is done (I even did a little happy dance), but in a way, I’m also a bit sad. It’s the last book for Oliver and Vincent. I really adored writing about them, and Oliver is my favorite hero thus far. But I’m not done with them completely. I have a feeling Ollie and Vincent have some more free short stories in them. *g*

Speaking of short stories, next up on my to-do list is a one for Arsen and Henry from Object of His Desire. Over the next week or so, I plan to work on it. Then after that, it's on to Convincing Leopold. That one is due mid-November and I don't want to dilly-dally too long before starting it.

Happy Monday everyone! ...yeah, it's Monday and starting the work week bites, but today's a good Monday since I finished a book. :)


  1. Happy Monday indeed! Congratulations!! xoxo

  2. Thanks, FV!!! Monday's usually bite, but not today :)

  3. Congratulations, Ava! Here's to your ever-inventive mind!

  4. *squee* Arsen & Henry... woohoo! *happy dance, happy dance* Can't wait.

    Congrats on finishing BF. (I notice your counter to the side is updated as well... lol)

  5. Congrats!!!

    *increases anticipation level*

  6. Wren - Thanks! Sometimes I wish the muse would take a break and let me wittle down the to-write pile. But I'm afraid to complain too much else she might take a permanent vacation, and that would suck. lol

    Em - In case it's not obvious, I really like typing the word 'done' :) So satisfying. *sigh*

    Thanks, Chris and Eyre!!

  7. Congrats!!! Another great story to look forward to. :)

  8. *blushes* Thanks, Shawn :)

    Thanks for the congrats, Lily!