Thursday, July 15, 2010

Emerging from The Cave

I've been deep in the writing cave since this last weekend. I resisted the sparkle of the shiney internet, severely limited emails, and spent a lot of time in the garage with nothing but the cars and my laptop. And now I can officially say...

It's done!! I finished His Client tonight. *g*

I still need to give the book a final read through tomorrow and then I'll send it off to my editor. But the writing is done. The book came in just shy of 40,000 words, which makes it my longest Ava book to date. In comparison, Bound to Him used to be my longest at almost 30,000 words. After I hit send on the email to my editor tomorrow night, I plan to take a few days off, be lazy, read some books, and catch up with all the emails and posts I've missed, then get back to Bound Forever. Oliver and Vincent are getting impatient.

In other news, Andi Anderson will be by the blog on Monday with a Story Behind the Story post for Got Mistletoe?. Andi's a good friend and a talented author. She's also as sweet as can be. So don't forget to stop by on 7/19 if you have time to get the scoop on Ryan and Blake's book.

Shawn Lane is holding a couple contests on her blog for upcoming releases. One for Pieces and one for Only Forever, a paperback collection of her Only series. The Pieces contest runs till Saturday and the Only Forever contest runs until the book releases this month. Just follow the linkies to drop your name in the virtual hats to win copies of the books.

That's it for me for now. I'm off to go bask in the glory of typing 'the end'. :) I hope everyone's been having a great week so far!


  1. Well done Ava... there never was any doubt you would make the dealine...

    Now get out of that cave and go get some fresh air, a cup of tea and some pop tarts...

    happy day hon..


  2. Congrats on finishing! That means I'm going to have an Ava March book to read at some point!!! That just makes my day!

  3. Congrats on finishing!!! I was wondering where you'd gotten to. :)

  4. Just don't take too many days, my dear. Last time you wanted a few days off it turned into MONTHS. Since my dearest Shayne is not around to crack the whip I shall have to stand in for him. :)

  5. E.H. - Thanks! I've already indulged in the tea and poptarts (though not together). LOL. I'll make sure to get some fresh air over the next few days.

    Thanks, Lissa! Within the next couple weeks, I should get a release date for the book. I think I'm looking at late fall, but we'll see. I'll definitely post it when I get the date.

    Hey Chris - Yeah, I kinda disappeared for a bit. It took a ton of self control to stay away from the internet, but I knew if I ran out to play, then I wouldn't want to go back into the cave. LOL.

    Shawn - Hey, no stealing the whip from the slavemaster! LOL. I did rather take a long break last time, but this time I have a deadline to meet. So no being lazy for weeks and weeks. Must get back to work soon.

  6. Congratulations on finishing! I'm excited for you (and for me because that means I'm closer to getting to read another Ava book).

    I just love your picture today. That is a hot kiss!

  7. Thanks, Eyre!! And I'm glad you liked the cookie ;)

  8. That's fantastic, Ava!
    Congrats on finishing your book. Now enjoy the sunshine for a while.

  9. Thanks, Zach! Hugs right back at ya :)

  10. That's awesome news, and I admire your restraint! SOOO tempting having it literally at your fingertips.

    Always great to hear about a pending Ava, makes not hearing from you for a while ALMOST bearable! ;)

    Oh, and how you capped The Cave really caught my eye. I just finished working on a book (not my own), in which there was a BDSM club called The Cave. LOL! You can guess where my mind went!

  11. Hey Devon! Oh yes, it was SOO tempting to play. I've heard some authors don't have internet access on their writing computers, to keep them focused and to keep temptation away. Probably a good idea, but..Pretty likes the internet and I wouldn't want to deprive him for any length of time. LOL

  12. Big Congrats, Ava!!! :D

  13. Yay! *throws confetti* Congratulations on finishing, that's awesome! :)

    You must have an air conditioned garage or live in a very mild climate. I suffer from heat stroke just trying to get my kids buckled in their car seats and get myself loaded into my minivan in our garage lately.

    **my word verification is 'panting'**

  14. Thanks, FV! :) air conditioner and no mild climate. I live in the midwest. But I do have a fan in the garage, pointed right at my 'desk'. Luckily I don't write with paper and pen, else I've have papers blown everywhere. And in the winter, I pull out the space heater.

    Great word veri. LOL