Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bound Forever

Bound Forever, the third and final book in the Bound series, has a home! It's been contracted by Loose Id, and will come in at novella length. Release date is still TBA, as I am currently writing the book. I'm targeting mid-August to finish it, and I'm hoping it will be able to be released before the end of 2010, but I'll have to wait and see. All depends on the pub schedule.

I worked on the blurb last night, so I'll share it with you. It's not the final version, but it's what I'll turn in.

Lord Oliver Marsden’s life is perfect...well almost perfect. His bookshop is doing well, his bank account isn’t empty, and his nights are filled with a deliciously dominant man who loves him. A man who no longer keeps him at arm’s length in the bedroom. Of course, Vincent still firmly holds the reins of control. But while Oliver feels Vincent is finally ready to relinquish control and make their relationship truly equal, the looming threat Vincent could someday be forced to marry keeps Oliver from tugging the reins from Vincent’s grasp.

Then Vincent receives a letter that changes everything. Oliver seizes the moment and pushes Vincent toward a night neither of them will ever forget. Yet come dawn, Oliver awakes to an empty bed.

Lord Vincent Prescot knows he loves Oliver. The man’s his best friend and he trusts him. So why does giving up control to Oliver leave him so shaken? It doesn’t take him long to determine the cause, yet his solution could drive his lover away for good.

After finishing His Client last week and taking the weekend off to be lazy, it's been nice to go back to Oliver and Vincent. I know them so well, they've become rather like old friends. And speaking of Ollie and Vincent, I better get back to them. I really want to meet my self-imposed mid-Aug deadline. I hope everyone has been having a great week - and it's Thursday, which means Friday is now only a day way, and after that...the weekend! :)


  1. Congrats on the contract! That book sounds fantastic, too! I can't wait to read it.

  2. Thanks, Stephani!

    Took me hours last night to write the blurb. Blurbs are so not my thing. But this one didn't turn out too bad. I somehow managed to get the smex and the angst into it. LOL.

  3. You're on a role Ava...

    Congrats - Loving the blurb as well..

    Have a good day..


  4. Congrats on the contract! :) I love the sound of the blurb and I really look forward to reading this third book! Will it be their last? *quietly hoping it's not*

  5. Congrats! I heart these boys so much!!!

  6. Congrats!! Looking forward to this one. :)

  7. Congrats on the contract!

    And that picture is delicious. Whew. Might have to 'borrow' that one... ;)

  8. Thanks, EH, Mandi, Chris and Shawn!

    Hi Janna - Thanks! And...yes, it will be the last book in the series. :( But I highly doubt I'll say goodbye to them for good. Oliver and Vincent are prime for more free short stories ;)

    Hey Em! Feel free to 'borrow' the hotties ;) I like to share the yummy cookie love *g*

  9. Congrats! I'm looking forward to this one. :)

  10. I recently discovered your novels and I love them, and of course I'm waiting anxiously for the next. Congratulations for your work!! ^___^