Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Interesting Sunday...a.k.a. Nekkid Princes & Video Rentals

I got some writing done on His Client this weekend, but not as much as I wanted. So in order to motivate my a$$, I've added a little 'WIP'n Progress' feature to the right side bar. Maybe if my progress is out there for everyone to mock, then it will motivate me to move it along at something more than a snail's pace.

Today was an interesting day. First, I found Prince Phillip on the kitchen counter...naked. He was just laying there. Not sure why he was there, or what the kidlet had been doing with him. But he was just chillin' on the counter. Clearly he has no issues with nudity in pubic.
Of course, I then looked around for The Prince. Found him naked as well, in the bin of misc barbie stuff. Since the other barbies in the bin were clothed and only The Princes were naked, I'm assuming the boys weren't messing with the girls. In any case, it appears as if the Princes had been having some fun.

To add to my interesting day, I discovered the local family video store does not have something for everyone in the family. Hubby lured me to go with him and kidlet to return movies by telling me they had an Adult room in the back. I've never actually rented a pron movie. I'm more of a mail order or online subscription sort of gal. But I couldn't resist checking out the Adult room, so I tagged along. To my great disappointment, they didn't have any gay pron. Total bummer. I'm very tempted to volunteer my services to the family video store. They need a serious upgrade to their pron selection. They had m/f and of course f/f, but not even one token m/m movie. Not even a bi-curious one.

I snagged a couple m/f movies - I was there to get pron and I wasn't leaving without any. Hubby nudged me as we were waiting in line at the counter. "You should tell them they need to get some male/male movies." (yeah, he called them m/m...) I glanced to the squeeky clean, maybe 18 yr old boy behind the counter. "Um, no. Don't want to embarass the kid." As it was, when we got to the counter, the poor kid glanced at the movies -- Wubbzy Goes Green, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Lady Scarface & Island Fever 3. "Oh, well, then..." That was all he said before he quickly focused on checking out our odd selection of movies and getting us the hell out the store, with the kidlet in tow chattering about the gummy candy I wouldn't let her have.

So that was my exciting Sunday. Anyone else have an interesting day?

UPDATE: Check back on Wednesday, 6/30. Shawn Lane is going to do a Story Behind the Story post for The Other Side. *g*


  1. Well now, you've had a much more eventful weekend than I did, I'll tell you that much, lol. Nekkid Princes and crack me up :D

  2. Hey Barbara! I'm usually really boring on the weekends, but today proved to be very interesting. LOL

  3. The Princes will be SO disappointed when they sneak down to watch pron tonight after you go to bed.

    I spent a few hours at Twin Cities Pride, which was awesome.

  4. LMAO,Chris! All they'll find are movies with nekkid chicks with fake boobs. Though if they want the good stuff, they need to figure out how to log on to Pretty...

    Oh, so jealous you went to Twin Cities Pride! Bet you had a great time.

  5. I wish I could find a nekkid prince in my kitchen!

    That poor video store kid! He's probably not used to the mommies picking out the porn. You really should ask him for the good stuff just so you can tell us about his reaction. :)

  6. Don't tempt me, Eyre, or I'll end up doing it and embarassing the poor kid! LOL. You're right - he's probably not used to the mommies renting pron. I worked at a video store ages ago, and the old men used to come in at lunch to rent pron. Always around lunch, too, which I thought was odd. Does one really have enough time to go to a video store, rent a movie, go home, enjoy the movie, and get back to work, all during their lunch break??

  7. I've never check the back room at my video store. Chances are they don't have m/m either.

    The highlight of my week was taking the kiddies to see Toy Story 3 which was pretty entertaining. We all liked it.

  8. You did?? Chris!!! LMAO!

    Hey Lily - I think you should check, if only for statistical research purposes. See if other local video stores carry m/m, or if it's just my lame local video store. :) Glad you had a great time at TS3 with the kiddies!!

  9. An adult section with no m/m? That is just wrong! ;)

  10. I know, Mandi! I was so disappointed. I figured they'd at least have one or two tucked on a bottom shelf in the corner, but nope.

  11. "Clearly he has no issues with nudity in pubic."

    Was this a typo or on purpose? Either was it's super funny. :)

    No m/m? Actually gay pron scares me a little. I prefer to read my gay pron I think. I'm a wussie, I know.

  12. LMAO! No, the typo wasn't on purpose. You've got a keen eye, Ms. FV!

    I'm very picky about pron in general, and very very picky about gay pron. When I decide to add to the little collection, it takes me a good hour+ of surfing the online gay pron video store to decide on one. Hubby laughs at me, but I'm a careful shopper. LOL. And the effort is worth it because bad pron is scary. But the good stuff...*G*