Friday, May 28, 2010

Meet Pretty

Meet Pretty! He's my shiny new laptop. I will admit, he wasn't a 'planned' addition to the family. My other laptop died today. One minute I was typing away on chapter 6 of His Client (finished chapter 5 last night - go me!), and the next...nothing. Seriously. Just died in mid-sentence. Went completely black. No power, no blue-screen-of-death. Nothing. Hubby thinks something 'blew' in it (yeah, he's an IT guy and he used that oh, so technical term). No amout of removing the battery, unplugging, re-plugging, praying and threatening worked to revive the old laptop. Needless to say, within an hour, we were leaving to go to the store to get a new one. No way in hell could I survive without one, especially since we're on vacation in Florida visiting the in-laws and I had planned to get a lot of writing done. Well, I could have survived, but I'd have driven hubby nuts. He's such a good hubby - he just nodded and drove me to the store. He knew he wouldn't get a moment of peace until I was happy again. LOL.

Good thing I did a backup before I left for vacation, and I email my working manuscript to myself every night. So all I lost was the couple of pages I had written this afternoon. And I might get those back when I get home - hubby thinks the hard drive is OK, so he should be able to pull it out of the old laptop and transfer all the files to the new laptop.

So now after today's drama, I have Pretty. And he is really pretty and shiny, and he likes to be petted. I even got him a new pink wireless mouse. :)

Speaking of my vacation, I spotted a gator yesterday evening as hubby and I were taking a tour about the island in the inlaws golf cart. The inlaws live on a little island that's just a big golf course and houses. Very nice and peaceful, but seriously, in the middle of f-ing nowhere. Takes 10 minutes to get to the gas station. And the wi-fi access bites. So slow it's painful. But on the upside, I'm writing more than playing on the internet since the internet is so slow.

That's the gator's head. He wasn't as far away as he looks, but the iphone camera doesn't have a zoom feature.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and for those in the US, I hope you have a great holiday weekend!


  1. Wow! I'm glad you had everything backed up. That could have been disastrous.

    Be sure that you pet pretty regularly. We don't want him to get all huffy and refuse to let you work on your book.

    I'll volunteer to pet the other pretty. Yep, anytime, any day. ;)

  2. Whew! Indeed, glad that you have good backups.

    Mmmm... that tush is just so biteable.

  3. Hey Eyre - yeah, if I had not had backed everything up before I left, you would have heard my scream of 'NOOOO' when the laptop died. I learned the 'backup' lesson with the 1st laptop - accidentally dropped it on the floor of my 'office' and killed it. Hadn't backed up in a couple of weeks. Total heart palpatations until hubby was able to take out the hard drive and rescue my files.
    I've been giving Pretty lots of attention tonight, and telling him how much I love him. So he should be a good boy. *g* And feel free to pet the other pretty all you want ;)

  4. Isn't it though, Chris? *g* He is quite yummy, and I just found him tonight, since all my cookie files are sitting in my desk, on the backup disc, at home. Well...I think they're on the backup disc. I had way more crap than I thought I had on the laptop, and only so much would fit on each CD. I know I got all my writing files, and the John Snow pre-1818 map of London took almost an entire CD, but not sure about the cookies or my ebooks or cover art files. So if they aren't on one of the backup CDs, and if the old hard drive turns out to be truly dead, you all might still hear that 'NOOOO!!'. lol

  5. Oh, that would be tragic!! I've started using Carbonite to back up - it's an online backup site. You change something, it backs it up for you, without having to dig out the backup drive. Since I tend to go weeks and months without pulling out the backup drive... it's a good option for me.

  6. Chris - I need to look into getting something that like. When I went to back up on Tues night, I realized I hadn't done a full backup in months. Have been religiously emailing myself working files, but not a full backup. Heck, I don't know what I'd do if I lost just my favorite internet links. I never type in the addresses to site or blogs - I just use my links, so I'd be so lost if I lost them.

    I loaded all my unread ebooks onto Nookie before I left, so if all does not go well, at least I have those ebooks.

  7. The ebooks and my purchased music were what really started to get me nervous. Then Tam got Carbonite because Jordan Castillo Price had raved about it saving her butt after a catastrophic computer failure... and Tam had a catastrophic computer failure that it saved her from.

    Eep! I'll send you a link in a minute. Worth checking. Dropbox and Mozy are two other sites that do a similar thing. I remember that Dropbox was pricier and Mozy was kind of inflexible.

  8. Thanks for the link, Chris! I'll definitely check it out when I get home (and back on a decent internet connection).

  9. Congratulations on your new pretty. I think a pink wireless mouse is the perfect accessory for him. Your hubs sounds like mine. His motto: Happy wife=happy life. hehe Sorry you had a crash though and I hope you can recover you data. Smart emailing your working manuscript to yourself!

  10. Thanks, FV! And I love your hubby's motto!! :)

  11. Hey Ava!

    Ooooo... I like Pretty! What's the techie info? Processor? Memory? *Ram*??? LOL...

    Hope you're having fun in Florida. Have a great weekend!

  12. Very nice!! My SIL has the Sony and loves it. Me? I've been a Dell girl for years ;) Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

  13. Hey Em!
    Pretty has a i5 processor and 4GB RAM and way more hard drive space than I'll ever need. I usually just use Word and the internet. I likely didn't need such a fast computer, but Pretty was so pretty I couldn't resist getting him. ;)

  14. Hi Barbara :)

    Hubby's totally a Dell guy, and the EDJ has Dells. But BestBuy only had a couple of Dells, and none of them were as pretty as Pretty. 'Cause honestly, that's how I picked the new laptop. I looked at them all and went 'ooh, this one is pretty and shiny. I want it.' LOL. If I had planned to get a new computer, I likely would have ordered one from Dell.

    The vacation is going wonderfully - finished another chapter last night :)

  15. Back up, back up - I knew those IT mantra would come in handy...

    A little scare but now you are back up and running..

    Love your baby - are you naming it, Nookie needs a big brother.....


  16. Hey E.H.! Yep, he's got a name. It's just 'Pretty', 'cause he's so pretty. *g* And he makes a great big brother for Nookie. LOL