Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where The Princes' Vacation Cruise Took a Turn for the Worse

It's been quite a fun week in blogland. Mandi from Smexy Books and FV from Fiction Vixen Book Reviews had some fun with the guys from JR Ward's BDB series. Butch and Vishous Together at Last and Bella and Z, the Honeymoon is Over. In case you missed them, they are quite worth checking out. *g*

Their posts reminded me of a pic hubby snapped recently of the kidlet playing with The Princes. I didn't actually witness the event, but hubby captured it (he takes lots of pics, even got me on the treadmill recently - I was flipping him off in the pic).
My first reaction when he showed me the pic was 'OMIG!!!!' Since my mind is always in the gutter, I had one of those 'oh dear lord, how the hell did she get a hold of one of my books????' moments. The kidlet is only 6! She wouldn't even understand 1/2 the words in my books. Then I focused on the rest of the pic, and realized she was making one of her classic fart faces. Yep, she was making The Prince fart on Prince Phillip's face, and hubby caught her in action. She's 6, so farts are the height of hilarity to her. Once I realized that, I laughed my ass off.

Poor Prince Phillip. But it looks like he and The Prince were having a nice time right up until that moment - the kidlet had the Barbie Cruise Ship all set up (that's the thing in the background). My guess is they were having a nice vacation cruise. :)

In writing news, I did finish another chapter by the end of last weekend. was chapter 1 of a new book. Oliver and Vincent weren't cooperating, so I decided they needed to 'think' on things for a bit while I turned my attention to a new pair of guys. Not sure how long I'll keep working on the new book before I go back to Bound Forever. For now, I'm grooving with the new guys. And by the end of this weekend, as you are all my witnesses, I'll have another chapter done of one of the books.


  1. Thank you for linking up our BDB silliness. :)

    Your daughter's eyes are gorgeous!! I am dying laughing first at your panic, that's me totally, then at the farting in the face. I have a 3 and a 5 year old who think farts are fabulous!!

    Just wondering if my favorite slutty drama queen Leo has been chatting in your head lately? I miss him.

  2. Hey Shawn - yep, that's the kidlet, doing her fart thing... which she does a lot. She's got a 5 yr old boy's sense of humor, which she got from hubby. lol

    Thanks, FV! Oh, totally had that panic moment, and hubby laughed at me, too, because he knew what I was thinking. As for the slutty drama queen, yep, he's been chatty. I even outlined book #2 for him a couple weeks ago, so he's officially on the 'to write soon' list. So far though, I'm sorry to say, no tree smex in that one. Though you never know when inspiration may strike ;)

  3. aww..thanks, Shawn! She got the blonde hair from hubby, definitely not from me.

  4. OMG, that is freaking hilarious. And I'm loving that you recognize your child's "fart face" in a photo without the sound effects.

    Is that the three little pigs along on the cruise??

    All kidding aside, she's a doll. :) It'll be a few more years hopefully before you have to worry about HER staging the Princes..just like Mommy.

    Remind me to tell you my Penthouse/Barbie story sometime!!

  5. Nope, not pigs, Devon, but good guess. They are baby Zhu-Zhu pets (supposed to be baby hamsters, but according to the kidlet, the word Zhu means pig in idea how she knew that). And I'm not sure why the kidlet had them perched on the canopy of the pink bed, but...shrug. I guess they needed to be there to watch the fun.

    Penthouse/Barbie? Yes, you must tell me sometime!

  6. Aww, she's gorgeous, love her eyes!

    Fabulously funny. The 6 & 3 year old kiddies here think farts are funny too.

  7. Since it's relevant I'll just post. Long story short, playing Barbie as a kid, I was using one Barbie to feel the other Barbie up. Mom asks, aghast, where did you get the idea to do that?, I tell her "Daddy's magazines." I'll let you imagine the rest of the family's interactions for the day...

  8. LMAO, Devon!!! And not just Ken feeling up Barbie, but Barbie feeling up Barbie. Awesome!

  9. Thanks, Lily! I never realized farts could be so funny, until I had a kid. But apparently now, every situation is deserving of a fart joke or the mention of farts.

    I was looking over the school work she brought home the other night, and it was a page of creating words that had the 'ar' sound in them. As in park, mart, bark, etc. 1st word on her list? Fart. Yep, that's my kid. lol

  10. LMAO@ Ava and Devon! Y'all are cracking me up! I love that picture of your daughter, she's beautiful even blowing a fart face!
    Devon's reminiscing about her own barbie experience is so funny!
    Poor Princes! Lol!

    Tell Oliver and Vincent to straighten up! We want more of them!

    Thanks for the laugh! I needed it:)

  11. You're very welcome, Andi! Glad to be able to make you laugh :)

    I know - poor Prince Phillip. What one will put up with for love... ;)

  12. LMAO! Your post is classic! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I don't think Prince Phillip gets and respect. LMAO!
    Your little girl is such a cutie pie!

  14. sooo need to save that picture for when she is older and has read your books :) That is hilarious.

    She is so cute too!!

    So much fun can be had with dolls..I just wished my Butch and V GI Joe dolls clothes would have come off ;)

  15. Of course, I looked at the center of the picture first. *blink blink* THEN I read the text. Whew!

    LOL at Devon's story!

  16. Glad you liked it, Zach! :)

    Nope, Maggie, poor Prince Phillip doesn't get much respect, from his boyfriend or the kidlet. lol

    Mandi - I'm definitely saving that pic! And damn those painted on GI Joe clothes! Poor Butch and V!! How are they gonna have fun if they can't get nekkid??

    I did the same thing, Chris!! My eye immediately went to the 2 boy barbies together. 'Oh, she's playing with the Princes....oh no, please tell me she's not making them...?!?' :-O LOL

  17. Your kidlet is gorgeous!

    Like everyone else, I thought "Hmm . . . rimming . . ." I guess I have a dirty mind. ;)

    LOL @ Devon!

    My veri word is metahuge. For some reason, that sounds a little pervy to me.

  18. Hey Eyre - LOL! 'metahuge' Sounds pretty darn pervy to me, too. ;)

  19. Oh Ava...

    This post so hit the spot - Not only have you shared your most gorgeous treasure with us - you gave us fart jokes as well...

    How could I not crack up - and I agree with Shawn.. The prince gets no respect at your house...

    Happy weekend hon..


  20. Hi E.H.! Glad you liked the post and that it hit the spot. ;) Have a great weekend!

  21. OMG, you seriously crack me up, lol!