Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little, not those 'things'

I finished another chapter in the work in process last weekend and am well on my way into the next chapter. Go Me! Since the witness thing seems to be working, you all get to serve as witnesses again. I’ll get the next chapter done by the end of the weekend. There. Commitment made. *g*

Speaking of the work in process (Bound Forever), it’s my first book that will feature a fully established relationship. Bound to Him was a sequel, but the relationship wasn’t cemented yet. That was the point of the book - getting the guys over the initial bumps in their relationship (….okay, so by bumps I mean getting Vincent to stop being an arse). Anyway, Bound Forever picks up a good year after Bound to Him. Their relationship is reaching that established point, and with it comes that feeling of solid, lasting love. Most of my stuff deals with getting the guys into a relationship whereas Vincent and Oliver are already there. It’s a different feel than I’m used to infusing into a story. Of course, there’ll be angst and hot sex (how can there not be?), but even then it has a different feel to it than their first or even second book. Anyway I’m quite digging on the book. Hopefully you will like it, too.

And this leads me to inspiration for books. Insomnia seems to be Shawn’s latest muse, mine has been music. It’s the sentiment behind the lyrics that seems to get the muse grooving. The last 2 new book ideas have been sparked by songs. And for Bound Forever, it’s been this song by Pomplamoose. Because love is in the Little Things. :)

…oh, and Oliver’s not sorting Vincent’s lights and darks, nor do either of them cook. But you get the idea. ;)

And since I'm in a chatty mood tonight, I'll leave you with a question. When it comes to romances, what's your favorite 'stage' of a relationship - very beginning (lust that has the potential to turn to love), early (new love) or established (solid love)? Or are you of the greedy sort and you want it all? *g*


  1. Squee!! I like the sound of Bound Forever!!!

  2. I'll go the "all of the above" answer. I'm greedy. :D

  3. What a sweet song - thanks for sharing!

    I like it all. We are a greedy bunch, aren't we?!

  4. Hi Mandi - thanks!! I've been on a bit of an Ollie and Vincent kick lately, but how can I resist them? ;)

    Hey Lily, Shawn & Chris - yeah, you're definitely a greedy bunch. LOL But it's fun being greedy sometimes, especially when it comes to m/m books.

    And glad you liked the song, Chris!

  5. Greedy too. Any kind of love is wonderful. Good song too. I will enjoy the image of domestic bliss for Oliver and Vincent.

  6. Thanks! Domestic bliss...very good way to describe it :)

  7. Hey Ava..

    Glad to know your writing is coming on well - With some help from a beautiful song..

    As for your question..

    I kinda like the just meeting/ just getting to know stage...

    It's that emotional high that is just all over the place, that first kiss... or that moment when you realize that "yes, we have something here"...

    Yup I love a new beginning..

    Not that I am oppose to the other bits... but new love or even new sex really does it for me..


  8. Hey E.H. - oh yeah, I totally know what you mean. That new love can have such amazing intensity to it, that it can just yank you into a story. :)

  9. What a great question!

    I've realized my personal favorite part of a relationship is the chase, and that moment when both parties acknowledge their feelings for one another.

    Amazingly, I'm not a huge fan of epilogues, unless an author does it right or they have left off the last story making me wonder if these characters are truly meant to be together.

    When it comes to "established relationships", I still have to sense that these characters--even though they are completely comfortable with each other--are still mad for one another and go to great lengths emotionally or even physically to prove their love.

    It's tricky and honestly, I'm just picky, lol. I guess a lot of times I'm left feeling like the characters have fallen in to a boring routine, the passion and flame is gone and their lives are just blah, blah, blah. Once that happens...I'm done.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I've been with my hubby for 13 years, I just think that in a relationship--real life or fiction--you have to keep it fresh and exciting or it's all down hill from there.

  10. Hi Barbara! Definitely need to keep it fresh or it just gets boring - IRL or fiction. Even then, something interesting has to be happening for me to get into a book with characters in an establishd relationship. Hubby and I have been married for over a decade and while everything's peachy and I still think he's the bestest hubby ever, we'd make a very boring book. LOL