Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tag - I'm It

I got tagged today by Shawn Lane for a M/M Meme, who got tagged by Erotic Horizon, who got tagged by Lily, who got tagged by Kris, who started it all.

1. Answer all the questions below in either the comments here or post it on your own site. If you post it on your own site you have to come back and give the link here so I/Kris can mosey on over and see if you have a sticky beak.

2. You have to tag two other people once your done and pester them relentlessly until they do the meme too.

3. Instead of a meme image thing you have to post a cookie, preferably a twofer. It is an m/m meme after all. ;)

*rubs hands together in glee*


1. How long have you been reading GLBTQ fiction? About 2 ½ years

2. What was the first book you read in this genre? I looked in my ebook file and the first m/m book (no chick thrown into the mix) I read was….Open to Possibilities by Carol Lynne. Yep. But that was a m/m/m, so maybe it doesn’t quite fit the m/m meme. In that case, my first m/m book was My Fair Captain by J.L. Langley.

3. Are you 'out' as a reader? Definitely online, as I write m/m books. Also out to the family for the same reason. Friends - most of them. Co-workers - no, because it rather falls into the TMI zone.

4. Ebooks, print or both? For m/m books - 99% ebooks.

5. Do you buy direct from publishers or from secondary sellers? Primarily direct from publishers.

6. Prove you're a Book Slut. How many books would you say you buy a week? Once upon a time, before I started writing, I was a complete and total slut, now I’m approaching celibate status. The last book I read was about 3 weeks ago and that was a m/m/f (Kate Pearce’s latest book - I *heart* her stuff). In my defense, I’m under a deadline, so unfortunately no time to read right now.

7. Are you a cover, blurb or excerpt buyer? I’m a cover whore. Love-love the pretty, shiny ones. But I never buy just based on the cover. A pretty one can attract me to a new-to-me author, but a not-so-pretty one won’t keep me from buying a favorite author’s book. The blurb and excerpt are really what sell me on a book. Unlike Shawn, I always read the excerpt before buying.

8. Yeah, you read reviews, but do you actually take notice of them? It depends on the source, and on the review. If the review hits on things/themes that I usually like in a book, then it may lead me to further check out the book. However, if the review comments on poor/bad writing or editing, then that can put me off checking out a book, even if it otherwise sounds like a book I would normally love.

9. Who's your fave publisher? Samhain and Loose Id. I can’t pick just one because both are my publishers and I love them equally *g*

10. What about authors? Your top two only!! Two only?? Damn!! Um…I’m stealing Devon’s answers. J.L. Langley and K.A. Mitchell.

11. Is there a sub-genre you particularly dis/like? Contemporaries are my favorite. I read far more of them than anything else, which is odd considering I write historicals… I guess I like to read what I couldn’t possibly write. Dislike? Hard core BDSM, and I don’t usually get into fantasy or sci-fi, but it really depends on the book. There have been a few that I’ve really liked from those genres.

12. Short or long?? *rolls eyes* And, no, I'm not talking about cocks. I read more novellas than anything else, because I can read them quickly (time…wish I had more of it). But my favorite of favorite books have all been novel length.

13. Anything turn you off about m/m or is all just glorious smut to you? Hard core BDSM, bodily fluids other than cum or spit, and 24/7 slave/master relationships.

14. Finish this sentence. You know it's m/m twu wuv when... When a total top gives it up and suddenly decides he’ll happily catch for the rest of his life, because, you know, he'll do anything for love ;) ...and now I sound like Meatloaf. lol

15. What trope or theme are you heartily sick of in m/m romance? Can’t say I’m heartily sick of anything yet.

16. If you could choose any 3 characters for a m/m/m who would they be? Dante Santiago from Reckless Seduction/Reckless Behavior, Joey Miller from Collision Course and Lainey Campbell from With Love

17. What new GLBTQ release are you most hanging out for right now? An Improper Holiday from K.A. Mitchell. It’s her first Regency m/m and I’m going to be so all over that one on 12/1.

18. What GLBTQ book has completely blown you away this year? Boys of Summer by Cooper Davis. I loved the feel of that book. It was just so…sigh…romantic.

19. What do you think we'll see more of in m/m romance in 2010? Romantic suspense, historical and paranormal. I also think we'll see more non-erotic m/m romances.

20. Don't you agree that author Josh Lanyon should kill off arsehole character Jake Riordan? And here’s where I admit I haven’t read the AE series yet. I’ve got a couple of the books on my hard drive, but haven’t been able to get to them yet. Yes, I know, I’m like one of the few m/m readers on the planet who hasn’t read them yet.

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Andi Anderson

Mandi at Smexy Books


  1. Yep, I admit it, I never ever read the excerpts. EVER. lol. Too lazy. Lovely answers and U'm so glad to see you aren't heartily sick of anything.

  2. I got tagged for this one, too. But it was after I stopped posting, lol.

    "Hard core BDSM, bodily fluids other than cum or spit, and 24/7 slave/master relationships." I'm with you with that one. *shudders*

  3. I loved Boys of Summer too and you're not alone on the AE series. I've got them on my TBR but haven't read them yet either.

    As for #16, nice choices!

  4. Oooh..I've been tagged. Yay :)

    And can I say - you have to read Adrien and Jake!!! I'm dying for 12/22..the fifth and final book *sob*

  5. Hey Ava...

    Fun Answers...I love how you popped Lainey into that mix... to be a fly on that wall...

    Thanks for the book recommendations....

    Have a good one today...


  6. Hey fellow cover whore :)

    You know that you have given me the most, err, interesting image of Meatloaf in my head. Problem is it's early morning here and I'm not quite sure that my mind can cope. Nope, not at all.

    Thanks *I guess* for your answers. *wonders if bleach works on brains*

  7. Shawn - I can't not read the excerpts. I think a big part of it is that I'm impatient and must know right away if I might like the book.

    Hey Barbara - oh, I so would have tried to tag you if you were still posting. :)

    Lily - good to hear I'm not alone. Though I really do need to read the AE books soon - I've read the excerpts and loved them all, so I'm sure I'll be digging the books.

    You're totally tagged, Mandi, and I'll be waiting for you to post. :)

    E.H. - how could I have not included Lainey in the mix? He's so darn adorable!!

    Ooh, I've got that Meatloaf image, too. :-O Not at all a pretty thing. So sorry about that. Totally wasn't intentional.

    Hey Andi - I see that I'm to blame. LOL.

  8. That's right, Ava! You ARE the blame! LMAO!

  9. Me?? Oh no, Shay, it's your DSSS that's to blame. I'm happily pinning it on her LMAO

  10. Oops, how did I not post on this?? My brain, my brain, where did I leave my brain?

    Ah yes, Lainey. Mmmm... Love him! So hard to choose, I must've been in a tall, powerful guy mood that day, none of my boys were anything close to small, even my bottom boy, Mark.

  11. Well, Devon, I don't know if I'd call Lainey small ;) Slighter of stature, but not small. *g* And I loved your m/m/m choices :)