Friday, October 2, 2009

All Time Favorite Reads

I've got nothing tonight, except this beautiful picture. It rather reminds me of a scene from Convincing Arthur, except the guy's facing the wrong way. You all likely think I'm the laziest author, but I am writing. Promise. I just don't have anything exciting going on right now.

In other news, the lovely and talented Devon Rhodes is officially a published author, so I'm sending out a belated congrats! Her first story, Remarkable Restraint, is now available in the Games in the Dark anthology from Dreamspinner Press. I must admit, I love the cover for the anthology. *G* It's a collection of BDSM-themed m/m stories, so the ropes are quite fitting. And Remarkable Restraint is a wonderful book, for anyone in the mood for some restraint with your sex and angst.

What else? I'm totally looking forward to December 1st, because one of my favorite authors, K.A. Mitchell, has a Regency m/m (SQUEE!!) holiday book coming out over at Samhain. An Improper Holiday. It's her first Regency m/m book, too. I read an excerpt on her LJ a few weeks ago and...ooh, I can't wait for the book to come out. *g* I'm already getting giddy. Yeah, I'm a fangirl, but what can I say? Diving in Deep is one of my all time favorite reads. Its only competition for #1 is My Fair Captain by J.L. Langley. I absolutely love both books.

So speaking of all time favorite reads, if you had to name one and only one, what would it be?


  1. Did you post something? lol. I'm still looking at THAT picture.

  2. Oh, um, I guess I read it now. lol.

    There really is no way I could choose one. I will say my go-to book when I find myself unable to read something new it Without Reservations by J.L. Langley. Definitely a DIK for me.

  3. It is a gorgeous pic, isn't it? I love the lighting, the way it makes their skin look so soft and warm and inviting and... sigh. Oh, and the guys are pretty darn hot, too. ;)

  4. There's lighting? I couldn't take my eyes off the guy kissing the other guy's cheek, lol

  5. Okay, in order:

    OMG...(panting) pause (sigh) pause (wiggle in place), uh yeah, like the pic!

    Thank you Ava! You are so sweet to pimp my story, lol. You know I love my guys, and I'm so excited to finally have them out in the readers' world. And to give credit where due, I couldn't've done it without you and Shawn. *mwah*

    Faves, so hard to pick one! Well you know I share your affection for Diving In Deep and its sequel Collision Course, and Shawn's for Without Res. Have to add my Fair Captain also by JL Langley. Love Pulling Away and Object Of His Desire by two wonderful authors. ;) Others I like (and their mental "category")include: Handyman (coming out later in life) and Polar Reaction (menage) by Claire Thompson. Str8te Boys (coming of age) by Evangeline Anderson. Caught Running (mature guys) by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux. Notturno (mystery & paranormal) by ZAM.

  6. Okay, totally blew past the one and only one, but then again I never got to post last time Shawn did the faves thing, lol.

    Absolute #1 would have to be Diving in Deep as well. :)

  7. Henry and Arsen thank you for the shout-out, Devon! ;)

    It is really hard to pick only one, isn't it? LOL I adored Collision Course as well (how can you not adore Joey??), but Diving in Deep edges out CC for me. I really need to read Handyman. It's one of those books that I've been meaning to read forever. I heard great things about it, and even when it first came out, I was drawn to the book.

  8. Hey Ava! I have Langley's book. I had read so many wonderful reviews about it. How could I resist? It's just a matter of finding time to read it....sigh.

    Oooh, a Regency Holiday tale??? I'll need to get that one!!

    Oh, and
    Big Congrats to Devon!!!!

  9. Hi Barbara!

    I can't wait for you to read My Fair Captain - I love it so much, and I think you'll adore it, too. And I think you'll love Mitchell's holiday Regency. I love her writing - great characterization with scorching hot sex and fabulous, gut wrenching angst...sigh!

  10. Barbara,

    You will LUV MFC, it is so wonderful! (sigh)

    And thank you so much for the big congrats, came across cyberland as a big warm hug! :)

  11. Ava! You are so cruel to make us just pick one! That's impossible because my favorites vary from day to day depending on my mood.

    Here's my top five re-reads:

    The Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn Priest

    Drawn Together by ZA Maxfield

    Car Wash by Shawn Lane

    Handyman by Claire Thompson

    Bound by Deception by Ava March

    If I've read these books once, I've read them a hundred times.

    I've read Langley's books A LOT, too. There's just no way to pick a favorite!

    Thanks for the eye candy. Whew!

  12. Hey Shellie!!

    So I'm cruel, am I? LOL It's hard to pick one - heck, I couldn't do it. I went for the dual top books, and even then, there are 5 books that are right, right up there - At Long Last (Shawn Lane), The Englor Affair (Langley), Aiden and Ethan (Cameron Dane), Faith and Fidelity (Tere Michaels) and Pryomancer (Amanda Young).

    Oliver and Vincent are feeling the love. Thanks!!! I have a fair idea of how many books you've read, and it's truly an honor to be listed in your top 5 re-reads. :D