Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The First Post

Yes, I finally did it. I created a blog. Shocker, I know. I foresee myself messing with my shiny new toy on a daily basis. No, I really shouldn't - then I wouldn't get any writing done. So I am going to try to resist the urge and limit the posts, and tweaking with the layout, to once a week. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Yippee!! Welcome to blogville, so happy to be your first follower! ;) And I must say, you're off to a great start. Love your post, very cerebral.

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Devon! I figured I might as well start the blog off with the right tone. *G*

  3. Ahhhhh!!! I love it!! Hmmm...I should try and make a perty layout for you! It's my other hobby besides books ;)

  4. Love the eye candy, too, lol.

  5. Ava!

    Tsk! Tsk!

    I see while the cats away...

    You took the plunge! Go YOU! I'm torn between being thrilled that I get to stalk you more often, and upset because you know you're still supposed to be writing your fabulous books every second of the day!

    Even though I'm on vacation and I ALLOWED you to have some time on your own, does not mean you can procrastinate like I do!

    I see I'll have to chain you down to the computer again when I get back! So enjoy you're time off little mouse! LMAO



    P.S. Love that eye candy Girl! :-D

  6. Thanks, Barbara!! You make the perty-iest layouts. Thanks so much! You are the best :D

  7. Hey Shay!

    *ducks head* Yeah, so you noticed how I took the plung while you were on vacation? LOL I am writing, though. Promise. :D

    And speaking of procrastinating -- Mr. Hasn't posted to his blog in a month. Not that I don't appreciate the eye candy or anything...

  8. Hi Ava! I'm just popping in to check out the hot men. This is a very good start, i see, but I think there needs to be more.

    Hot men, I mean.

    I like the curve of his lower back, but I like the shape of his biceps better. *grins and drools*

    Congrats on starting your blog!


  9. Hi Wren!

    I like his biceps, too. *G* Um..more? I just found a really good pic for a future post. Maybe I'll include hotties in every post. :D I don't want to be gratuitous, but who doesn't love a bit of man-candy?

  10. Ok, I'll bite. I love the suggestion of where guy #2's hand must be by the angle of his arm...:)

  11. Hey, Devon *G* There are just so many wonderful things to love about that pic, don't you think?

  12. I love the blog and really, really love the man-candy. Can I have seconds?

  13. I do love man-candy. Congrats on your new blog!

    I'm going to have to figure out how I can pretty up my blog boring old blog page too! Very nice!

  14. Oooh, shinyyyyyy!
    Seriously, Ava, It looks fabulous!

  15. Thanks Cheryl and Cindy! It is so shinyyyyy and pretty - I keep checking it out, and grinning like a damn dork. LOL. Barbara truly is awesome - I could never do something like this myself.

  16. Very nice man candy Ava! Many happy blogs my dear.

  17. Thanks, Patti! Glad you enjoyed the man-candy! ;)

  18. That is "Hawt"!! Have fun blogging.

  19. Welcome to blogging Ava...

    Sorry I missed your coming out - but you seem to have gotten the hang of it....

    Love your Man Candy....